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Jah Mirikle returns with an amazing new EP titled “Show Me Your Motion”


This time the gifted Singer/Songwiter/Producer goes back to his St Lucian roots to give us an original soca track expressing his desire for a beautiful woman as he sees her dancing exotically in a club    


Mirikle fuses dancehall vocals with Soca beats seamlessly and effortlessly to produce a song you'll be singing in minutes!!!


The EP comes fully equipped with a House, R&B, Alternative and Dub Remixes showing just how diverse and adaptable Mirikle's vocals are.


The original Soca Mix produced by SocaChild 360 captures the vibrance of Notting Hill Carnival and whisks you off to the Caribbean for a few minutes if you let it.


The House Mix produced by Jah Mirikle and Gary Clarke is big and bold with thumping basslines in good measure and although the beat sits nicely in the House genre the vocal keeps the original Soca vibe of the track alive.


The R&B Mix produced again produced by Jah Mirikle and Gary Clarke comes in the form of slow jam as the vibe is laid back and sensual and Mirikle’s lyrics woo this beautiful girl all the way back to his house.


The Reggae Mix produced by Max Powa and Tuffist takes the track to a completely different place as it slows the tempo down and almost tranforms the track into a Lovers -Rock tune with great use of dub elements. The change of tempo tranforms Mirikles vocal into a haunting request that pleads with the object of his affection.


Finally the Alternative Mix produced by Roots In Session would best describe as a Bashment Funky track …definitely something different with bold horns, a quick tempo that captures your imagination with lots of energy running all the way through it.


This five track release really has a lot to offer but if you love Soca or Reggae you won’t be disappointed with this gem!!!

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