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Being true to their word Forward Ever Recordings produce a third genre of music on their third release. This time it’s all about dubstep and it’s Blynk’s turn to represent the label with The Gravity EP. This two track EP features two classy pieces of dubstep in the form of Gravity and Landscapes.  


Blynk has been tipped for the top as a producer and he keeps proving that he is a master craftsman, creating soundscapes that are beautifully atmospheric and enchanting. The Gravity EP is no exception. The first single Gravity is a hard-hitting energetic track with a single syllable vocal snip perfectly placed to give just the right effect. At the same time the tracks creates a haunting atmosphere through perfectly placed strings and synths.  


Landscapes has more of a mellow, laid back vibe that lulls the listener into a relaxed state that is captivating and mesmerizing.  Perfectly placed synths and great use of silences take the listener on an aural journey that draws them in and wraps them in up in a delicate blanket.  


If you appreciate beautiful music Blynk is definitely one to watch in 2013 and the Gravity EP is one you need in your record collection.

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