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Widely regarded as one of the most original, respected lyricists in the game, David Boomah has become a byword for stunning vocals, ever since bursting on to the UK jungle scene alongside Shy FX with the 1995 classic 'Who Run Tings'.


Working in the studio and touring with the likes of Rebel MC, Shy FX, Potential Badboy, Benny Page, and collaborating with artists like Tenor Fly, Topcat, Navigator, and UK Apachi, Boomah has maintained his creative passion, and kept his links strong in both his passions - Reggae and Drum and Bass.

David Boomah - Vocalist, Performer & Founder

Leon Anthony (11)

Introducing Leon Anthony, a brand new energy set to shake up the music industry in all the right ways. Leon is a passionate lyricist based in the UK who has consciousness, positivity and progression running through his whole being. Not only does this amazing new Artist create great music with positive inferences he practices what he preaches. Leon strongly believes in reaching out and spreading love locally, nationally and internationally through charitable efforts and youth work.  .

Leon Anthony - Rapper & Performer

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